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Check out my WatchOS app Status of Github that I made using SwiftUI!

“Failed to initialize client context with error”: A Error When Trying to Run a Widget in the Xcode Simulator (M1 Macs)

This is a short post about an issue I recently had with updating a widget for a SwiftUI project. I kept getting a weird error every time I tried to run a widget target in the simulator. The error read “Failed to initialize client context with error“. This was followed by a crazy long error […]

How to Use AsyncImage in SwiftUI 3

Recently Apple has announced AsyncImage at WWDC 2021. This makes loading images from a URL very easy in SwiftUI projects supporting iOS 15 and above. Let’s take a look at an example below. If we want to load an image from a URL, all we need to do is add the following line of code. […]

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